BlackOx New HPlans
New Hosting Service with unlimited features !
Solid State Drives, Softaculous Auto Install, Instant Setup, Free Website Transfers, Latest cPanel, Unlimited Subdomains, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Databases, Free Dedicated IP, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain

​​​Frequently Asked Questions
What is HPlans ?
Hplans are normal hosting plans which we offer for web designer ,programmers and people who have experience in web development.

Is HPlans include website designing ?
No! We don't offer design process for this packages but you can check our other plans in pricing which include website design.

What is the difference between HPlans & BOPlans ?
HPlans is normal hosting service which come with all the known services such as C-panel, Dedicated IP, Unlimited space and more features.

BOPlans is new premium service which include more powerful services in one package such as website design, BO website builder, promo video,
free monthly designs and more !   

Can I pay for my plan monthly?
No! We don't offer monthly payment options for this type of service, but you can pay monthly in BO packages which include designing website.

Do you offer free trial?
No! We don't offer free trial for this type of service.

Can I use my domain name?
Yes! We accept most domain names. All what you have to do is include your domain name in the check out process

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